Not every shirt deserves Rhinestones. You need to feel pretty strongly about whatever's on that shirt to embellish it with these little crystals. I'm Talking like Elvis Presley and Liberace strong. Those guys loved rhinestones, and they're legends. Heck, Glen Campbell sang a chart-topping song about a down-and-out cowboy who's whole reason for living was to sparkle as brightly as a Rhinestone one day. (Now try getting that song out of your head!) Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton did a movie called...nevermind, bad example.

The point is, Rhinestones rock! They sparkle, they shine, they add dimension and detail to any design.Use them as a standalone decoration to spell out a team name, or pair them with one of our Heat Press Specialties for shirts that should come with their own sunglasses! You can even combine Rhinestones with screen printing to create something totally unique and dazzling for your team.

Does your shirt deserve Rhinestones?

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