Embroidery isn't right for every project, but if you're looking for a way to elevate your brand and convey an image of quality and sophistication, then embroidery is perfect for you. And that's true whether you're looking for youth baseball caps, premium polos for coaching staff or sales team, or stylish button downs for your executives - embroidery says you mean business and you take your image seriously.

Why is Embroidery Awesome?

Well, just look at it! It looks amazing, right? It adds color and dimension that other methods just can't. Embroidery puts your logo in the shirt, not just on it.

What's more, each embroidery thread is coated to give every single detail a light-reflecting sheen, so even the most subtle colors pop off the garment.

On the other hand, if subtle isn't your thing, you're going to love 3D Embroidery! This technique raises your design off the garment with a foam substructure that you'll never see but will give your design a literal boost. This technique is best for garments that don't require a lot of washing, such as caps, jackets, and other outerwear.

Embroidery Goes With Everything

The only way to make embroidery better is to put it on everything. Just think how great your team or business will look when your shirts, caps, jackets, and bags are all decorated with a matching embroidered logo. That's how versatile embroidery is - it works in a variety of places and in all sizes. In fact, if you're logo has to get especially small to fit on a pocket or sleeve, embroidery is just about the only way to ensure it will still get noticed. 

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Try Our Embroidery Designer Now

We are so stoked about how great we can make your gear look with a little embroidery that we are one of the only apparel decorators to offer an online designer that includes screen print and embroidery. We're really pretty proud of that. So why not pop over to our Online Design Studio, select "Embroidered" and give it a try.

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