Heat Press Specialties are not for the timid! With names like Glitter Flake, Foil, and Deco Sparkle you can probably imagine that these are the techniques that bring the bling! Flashy and fun, these are favorites among cheerleaders, dance squads, and drill teams.

Not a cheerleader, dancer, or…um, driller? Not to worry. A little bit of bling is good for all occasions. The hard part will be choosing which one is right for you.

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Glitter Flake

Remember those glue-and-glitter-on-construction-paper projects we all did in grade school? Well, this is kind of the high-tech, super-charged, wearable version of that. The glue is better, the glitter coverage is total, and instead of construction paper, these designs are applied to any of our super cool t-shirts. The effect is awesome! Your shirts will sparkle and glimmer and get people's attention. You can even feel the glitter texture when you touch the design!


The royalty of heat press specialties. Sororities and fraternities love this style for rush week and other special occasions. It makes the Greek letters just pop off t-shirts and sweatshirts. But this isn't just for the Greeks - every special occasion deserves a touch of "precious metals" to mark the occasion. 

Deco Sparkle

Holographic, dazzling, brilliant - deco sparkle is all that! When the light hits it, it looks like a thousand little-faceted gems shimmering in all directions. Don't be surprised to find yourself at the center of an impromptu dance party when you're wearing your deco sparkle design!